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Sunday, August 11


UrbComp: Keynote: Computational Urban Sciences: Emerging Opportunities

Charlie Catlett

founding director of the Computation Institute's Urban Center for Computation and Data

Sunday August 11, 2013 8:10am - 9:05am
Chicago 8



UrbComp: Session 1 : Human Mobility
Exploring Human Movements in Singapore: A Comparative Analysis Based on Mobile Phone and Taxicab Usages (Full) Chaogui Kang, Stanislav Sobolevsky, Yu Liu, Carlo Ratti A Review of Urban Computing for Mobile Phone Traces: Current Methods, Challenges and Opportunities (Full) Shan Jiang, Gaston Fiore, Yingxiang Yang, Joseph Ferreira, Emilio Frazzoli, Marta Gonzlez Daily travel behavior: Lessons from a week-long survey for the extraction of human mobility motifs related information : Christian Schneider, Christian Rudloff, Dietmar Bauer, Marta Gonzalez

Sunday August 11, 2013 9:05am - 10:10am
Chicago 8


UrbComp: Session 2 : Social Behaviors and Urban Activities
A comparison of Foursquare and Instagram to the study of city dynamics and urban social behavior (Full) : Thiago Silva, Pedro Vaz de Melo, Jussara Almeida, Juliana Salles,Antonio Loureiro Inferring human activities from GPS tracks (Full) Chiara Renso, Barbara Furletti, Paolo Cintia, Laura Spinsanti Understanding Urban Human Activity and Mobility Patterns Using Large-scale Location-based Data from Online : Social Media Samiul Hasan, Xianyuan Zhan, Satish Ukkusuri On the Importance of Temporal Dynamics in Modeling Urban Activity Ke Zhang, Qiuye Jin, Konstantinos Pelechrinis, Theodoros Lappas Prediction of User Location Using the Radiation Model and Social Check-Ins : Alexey Tarasov, Felix Kling, Alexei Pozdnoukhov

Sunday August 11, 2013 10:30am - 12:00pm
Chicago 8


UrbComp: Session 3 : Mining Urban Traffic
Fast and Exact Network Trajectory Similarity Computation: A

Sunday August 11, 2013 1:40pm - 3:00pm


UrbComp: Session 4 : Understanding Cities
Analyzing the Composition of Cities Using Spatial Clustering (Full) : zechun cao, Sujing Wang, Germain Forestier, Anne Puissant, Christoph Eick Real-time Air Quality Monitoring Through Mobile Sensing in Metropolitan Areas : Srinivas Devarakonda, Parveen Sevusu, HONGZHANG LIU, Ruilin Liu, Liviu Iftode, Badri Nath Exploring venue-based city-to-city similarity measures : Daniel Preotiuc-Pietro, Justin Cranshaw, Tae Yano Whose City of Tomorrow Is It? On Urban Computing, Utopianism, and Ethics : Justin Cranshaw

Sunday August 11, 2013 3:30pm - 4:40pm
Chicago 8


UrbComp: Business meeting, Panel Discussion, and closing
Chair: Yu Zheng,Microsoft Research Asia Panelists: Charlie Catlett, Steven E. Koonin, Ouri Wolfson

Sunday August 11, 2013 4:40pm - 5:00pm
Chicago 8